Admission requirements

Important information for those applying to the Academy in the 2024-2025 season:

This offer is only for citizens of the EU or holders of EU ID cards for residence permits!

hock5 In Switzerland, there is a limit on the number of foreigners allowed in a team.

According to the sports law, in categories up to U-20, up to 7 foreign players can be registered, and in the main NL Switzerland, up to 4 foreigners can play.

In the 2024/2025 season, the first installment of 10,000 CHF is payable upon signing the Contract and includes:

hock5Guardianship arrangement for the incoming student according to Swiss laws, in accordance with new rules (excluding EU citizens)

hock5Medical sports commission

hock5Standard insurance policy valid in Switzerland for one year

hock5Education in a public elementary or secondary school, including tuition fees for one school year

hock5Entrance fee to a public elementary or secondary school (Gymnasium)

hock5Payment for textbooks for the season

hock5Payment for school events

hock5Payment for school meals

hock5Team membership fees

Annual accommodation in a host family with full board for the season costs an additional 19,000 CHF and includes:


Accommodation in a hockey family on full board terms for 11 months

hock5Monthly public transport pass

hock5Weekend leisure activities

hock5Transfers to and from the airport (on school holiday days)

Voluntarily and for an additional fee:

hock5Participation in commercial tournaments

hock5Individual training with a coach in the gym or on ice

What does your child receive and what are his prospects for the next 5 years?


A significant amount of playing time on the ice, from 30 to 70 games per season with tournaments

hock5Very high-quality training with coaches of category "A+", the highest coaching category, with always 2-3 coaches on the ice

hock5Opportunity to train and prepare with the best Academy coaches

hock5Within 1 year, the child will speak French since all subjects in school and gymnasium are taught in French

hock5Excellent conversational English within 6 months

hock5Learning a second language of choice (German, Spanish) until primary school

hock5Balanced school and hockey schedule, allowing for knowledge acquisition in two areas

hock5The child will learn how to properly receive physical and cardio loads and distribute them. Also, learn how to properly apply sports nutrition and control his regime.

hock5Most importantly, upon completion of 9 years of primary school and 3 years of secondary school, he will receive secondary education (a state diploma), which allows the student to enter any university in the world without exams.

hock5The student will speak at least 3 languages fluently (French, English, German)

hock5The Swiss education system is unique. It combines the best traditions of European and American approaches, complemented by local specifics. In addition to quality and prestige, it is characterized by flexibility, based on a huge variety of educational routes.

hock5Finally, there is the clean mountain air and excellent quality food. Switzerland is a tourist country, and very quiet, peaceful, and kind people live here.