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Our goal is your successful career!


Our goal is your successful career!

HOCKEY ACADEMY HC Valais-Chablais Futur

The Czech sports agency "Europa Stars Group" offers the Hockey Academy HC Valais-Chablais Futur, which consists of children from the Lower Valley and the Bains Valley, as well as surrounding areas.

Various teams of the hockey academy train and play at the Martigny and Sion ice rinks.

Foreign players have the opportunity to continue their hockey career and receive excellent European sports and humanitarian education in Switzerland, in teams such as U-13/U-15/U-16/U-17 and U-20, and obtain a high school diploma (Gymnasium) without any restrictions in any of the aforementioned countries.

The main principle of the Academy is the organic combination of sports, education, and independent training of young athletes. The Academy's main rule is that all school-age players must adhere to the golden rule: 51% - school, 49% - sports! In case of conflicts or problems between these two areas, priority is given to school education!

Since 2022, we exclusively represent the interests of the International Hockey Academy in Martigny, Switzerland, with excellent Swiss education and hockey.

The students are under the supervision of a competent coaching staff, including former National League players. All our coaches have diplomas in youth and sports education (age 10-20), as well as several beginner-level coaches with Kid's diplomas (5-10 years), all under the guidance of a coach with an expert diploma in youth and sports.

Currently, more than 400 children participate in various championships throughout Romandy in collaboration with our partner clubs Monté, Sable, Port-du-Soleil, Lezenn, and Villar. Many of these children have participated in various cantonal, Romandy, and even Swiss national teams.

Thibaut Monnet, Marc Bastl, Alain Demuth, Arno Jacquemet, Jérémy Gaillard, Thierry More, Philippe Monnet, and many others have passed through our youth movement.


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