Hockey education

Hockey players will be introduced to and will experience both established and successful training processes, as well as the latest Canadian and American techniques and systems. The training process will include 1 hour of general physical conditioning per day (6 hours per week) and 1.5 hours of on-ice training per day (6 hours of ice time per week) from Monday to Friday for junior classes from 6 to 7 (U-13) and senior classes from 8 to 9 (U-15), with additional on-ice training sessions increasing by 2-3 hours per week. Senior students play 1 game (short week) and 2 games (long week) per week.

For U-17, the training process will include 2 hours of general physical conditioning per day and 2 hours of on-ice training in the morning and evening from Monday to Friday. On weekends, there are home or away games for the open Swiss Championship.

Special attention will be paid during training to:

hock6Explosive strength, speed, endurance, and agility
hock6Skating - proper skating technique, balance, stride, starting speed, acceleration, turns, backward skating, transitions
hock6Stickhandling - dekes, passing, shots, proper shooting technique - stationary, while moving and on the fly, wrist shots, snapshots, slapshots.
The game schedule consists of 30-70 games, including leading European hockey tournaments.