Football education

The EU Football Academy Bratislava is located in the pleasant Ružinova district of Bratislava, surrounded by a lot of greenery. For young footballers, the academy provides a comprehensive framework for mental and physical development. There are a large number of training fields, a gym, recovery areas, and a canteen. This makes the Bratislava Football Academy the best training center in Slovakia, which can be compared to truly advanced football Europe.

Compared to other Slovak clubs, the EU Football Academy Bratislava has up to two youth training centers at its disposal.

Academy in the Ruzhinova district and a training center in the Pasenki district. The academy in the Ruzhinova district mainly serves youth teams from 16 to 19 years old, where in addition to sports conditions (two grass fields, artificial grass with lighting, mini artificial grass, gym and recovery line), ideal conditions for accommodation are also created and feeding players throughout the day. All these conditions ensure the highest quality of the training process throughout the season.

In addition to the A team and Juniors of our club, the training center in the Pasenki district serves exclusively school and preparatory teams of boys and girls from 7 to 15 years old. In addition to its excellent location almost in the center of the capital, Pasenki also boasts advanced logistical support.

There is a main stadium, five grass fields, artificial grass with lighting and the latest generation surface, a well-equipped sports hall with a gym, a restaurant, a buffet, a regeneration line and toilets.

The main goal of training and educating young players in our club is to prepare as many players as possible for the FC SLOVAN team and the Slovak national team. Also, thanks to international competitions, FC SLOVAN wants to gradually, step by step, improve the performance of individual players and at the same time the entire team. The coaches at the Bratislava EU Football Academy approach the players sensitively and individually. The emphasis is primarily on the upbringing and education of players. This makes us special. We recognize the importance of quality football, as well as general education, without which a young person will not be able to succeed in the modern world. That is why we pay great attention to teaching foreign languages - English, French, German, Spanish.