The first installment in the amount of 7500 Euro is paid upon signing the Agreement and includes:

execution of all documents necessary for the Athlete to obtain a temporary residence permit on the territory of the Slovak Republic;

medical commission at the request of the migration police; medical sports commission;

registration of a standard insurance policy valid on the territory of the Slovak Republic for a period of one year;

tuition at a private primary or secondary school, including tuition fees for one school year; entrance fee in a Private primary or secondary school (gymnasium);

Annual accommodation in a hockey host family on full board during the season still costs 20350 Euros and this includes:

accommodation in a hockey family on a full board basis for 11 months;

subscription for 10 visits to the gym monthly; monthly pass for public transport;

weekend leisure;

additional sessions to increase physical endurance and improve technical skills (as recommended by your agent or the Academy coaching staff)

mandatory monthly membership fees to the HK (hockey club).

transfers to and from the airport (during school holidays)

On a voluntary basis and for an additional fee:

participation in commercial tournaments

skatemill training

individual training with a coach in the gym or on the ice

Important information for applicants to the Academy.

- In Slovakia, there is a limit on the number of foreign players in a team. According to the sports law SP SZĽH, clause 5.3.3. dated 06/23/2017 and new amendments to this law dated 04/30/2020 in the 2020/2021 season, a foreign player pays a fee for the right to participate in the SFN - defender / attacker 3000 euros / season, and the goalkeeper 6000 euros / season and further in Slovakia for the participation of foreign hockey players (including the goaltender) in a match are subject to the following restrictions:

- League of junior schoolchildren (11 - 12 years old)

- 2 foreign hockey players in the team,

- League of senior students (13-14 years old)

- 2 foreign hockey players in the team,

- Cadets (14-15 years old)

- 2 foreign hockey players in one game as part of one team,

- Youth Extra Liga Dorast (16-17 years old)

- 1 foreign hockey player in the team, without a foreign goalkeeper

- First Youth League Dorast (16-17 years old)

- 1 foreign hockey player in the team, without a foreign goalkeeper

SZĽH (Slovak Ice Hockey Federation) approves on 05.09.2019 the interpretation of provision 5.3.1 of the SZĽH Competition Rules: “A foreign hockey player is not considered to be such a hockey player with a nationality other than a hockey player of the Slovak Republic, who, in accordance with the SZĽH rules in force until 08/01/2019, has acquired based on unlimited transfer from abroad and two consecutive seasons, even if only partially, in SZ SH competitions, but no later than until the end of the 2018/2019 season. This does not apply to foreign players of Senior age.

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