Attention! New changes for new prospective students of Europa Stars Hockey Academy were introduced for the 2019/2020 season.

We transferred to «All Inclusive» program.

First one-off installment in the amount of 1100 euro is paid when the Agreement is signed; it includes the following:
- Preparation of all documents required for the Athlete to obtain a permit for temporary residence on the territory of the Slovak republic;
- Carrying out physical evaluation required by migration authorities;
- Carrying out physical athletic evaluation;
- Registration of a standard insurance policy valid on the territory of the Slovak republic for one year;
- Education in private elementary or secondary school, including the payment for one year of education;
- Admission fee of Private elementary or secondary school (gymnasium);
- Registration fee required for foreign players willing to join Slovak hockey club;
- Club membership fee
- Payment for all commercial tournaments of the team

Annual price in the amount of 23000 euro paid in equal installments once every six months without deposit payment or once every 12 months with deposit payment; it includes the following:
- Homestay with full board for 11 months;
- Training sessions in the club of the Academy — 8 hours of training on ice per week;
- Off-ice training (yoga, gymnastics, boxing) — 3 hours a week;
- Sauna — 3 times a week, strength training in the club — 3 hours a week;
- Games: 1-2 games a week during the local championship (from September to April), 38-54 games without play-off, inter-season, pre-season tournaments, and exhibition games — 20 games per season;
- Gym membership — 10 visits to the gym per month;
- Pool season ticket — 2 visits a week;
- Monthly travel cards for public transport;
- Leisure activities during week-ends (movies, carting, bowling, thermal baths, water parks, mountain ski resorts in the Tatras, paintball, airsoft, tickets to HC Slovan’s home games, various quests, museums, rafting, and fishing);
- Additional training aimed at improving physical stamina and technical skills (according to the recommendation of your agent) — 8 sessions per month;
- Skatemill (skating simulator) — 4-8 sessions a month according to coach’s recommendation;
- Individual or group physical or cardio training with a coach in the gym — 10 sessions per months;
- School lunches;
- Supervision of each player carried out by agency’s scouts starting from U-16 age;
- Each player will have a personal agent starting from U-16 age; this agent will visit the games of the local championship, training sessions, will work with the player’s athletic summary, and shoot videos for scouts from North America, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Important information for Academy applicants

- There is a limit for the number of foreign players in Slovakia. According to the new law on sports, SP SZĽH, article 5.3.3 dated 23.06.2017, starting from the 2017/2018 season and during the later seasons the following limitation concerning the participation of foreign hockey players (including goalies) in the games will be valid in Slovakia:
- Elementary students’ league (11-12 years old) — 3 foreign hockey players per one team;
- Secondary students’ league (13-14 years old) — 3 foreign hockey players per one team;
- Cadets (14-15 years old) — 1 foreign hockey player per one team;
- Dorast Extra Youth League (16-17 years old) — 1 foreign hockey player per one team;
- Dorast First Youth League (16-17 years old) — 3 foreign hockey players per one team.


Hockey Academy Europa Stars
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