In the 2024/2025 season, the first installment of 13,000 Euros is paid upon signing the Contract and includes:

- Processing all documents required for the athlete to obtain a national D* Visa within the territory of the Slovak Republic or beyond its borders.
- Processing all documents required for the athlete to obtain temporary residence (Residence Permit) within the territory of the Slovak Republic.
- Medical sports commission and medical migration commission.
- Arrangement of a standard insurance policy valid within the territory of the Slovak Republic for one year.
- Education in a private primary or secondary school, including tuition payment for one school year.
- Entrance fee to a Private Primary or Secondary School (Gymnasium).
- Payment for textbooks for the season.
- Payment for school events annual membership fee.
- Payment for school meals.

Annual accommodation in the host hockey family with full board for the season costs an additional 22,000 Euros and includes:

Residence in a hockey family with full board for 11 months.
Monthly public transportation pass.
Weekend leisure activities.
Mandatory monthly membership fees in the hockey club.
Airport transfers (on school vacation days).

On a voluntary basis and for an additional fee:

Participation in commercial tournaments.
Training on the skatemill.
Individual coaching with a trainer in the gym or on the ice.

Important information for those applying to the Academy in the 2024-2025 season:

In Slovakia, there is a limit on the number of foreign players in the team.
According to the Sports Act SP SZĽH, p. 5.3.3. dated 23.06.2017, and the new amendments to this law dated 30.04.2020, in the 2020/2021 season, a foreign player pays a fee for the right to participate in the OCHS - defender/forward 3000 euros/season, and the goalkeeper 6000 euros/season. Furthermore, the following restrictions apply to the participation of foreign hockey players (including the goalkeeper) in matches in Slovakia:
Junior School League (11–12 years) – 2 foreign players per team,
Senior School League (13-14 years) – 2 foreign players per team,
Cadets (14-15 years) – 2 foreign players in one game lineup for one team,
Youth Extra League Dorast (16-17 years) – 1 foreign player per team, no foreign goalkeeper
First Youth League Dorast (16-17 years) – 1 foreign player per team, no foreign goalkeeper
SZĽH (Slovak Ice Hockey Federation) confirms the interpretation of the provision 5.3.1 of the SZĽH Competition Rules on 05.09.2019: "A foreign player is not considered as such
a player with citizenship other than that of a player of the Slovak Republic, who, in accordance with the SZĽH rules in force until 01.08.2019, acquired
on the basis of an unlimited transfer from abroad and for two consecutive seasons, even partially, in SZ SH competitions, but no later
than the end of the 2018/2019 season. This does not apply to foreign players of the Senior age group."

Dear parents and prospective students of the International Hockey Academy,

In the academic year 2023-2024, we plan to initiate the Diploma Programme (IB.DP). Students eligible for this program are those enrolled in bilingual education, who will be in the third year during the 23-24 academic year.

At the end of the second year of study, in May 2024, final written exams will be conducted (May Examination Session 2024). Students complete their studies over three weeks, covering six subjects, and the exam consists of three parts, all written.

The student's final grade is not solely determined by their teacher; instead, it involves the assessment of twenty external experts. Students write tests and essays, and the oral part is also objectified, with practice recordings sent abroad.

The teacher's assessment can be influenced by Moderators, ensuring the utmost objectivity. Following the exam results, students receive a bilingual IB diploma, granting them admission to universities worldwide. The certificate obtained through this program also allows students to apply to Slovak universities, as regulated by legislation.

Enrollment in these programs is considered equivalent. It is expected that students in this program will choose Slovak as their first language (Language A). This language is one of the entrance requirements and a condition for recognition by Slovak universities.

The IB diploma empowers graduates to apply to renowned global universities without additional certification. Recognized by universities in over 125 countries, including the Slovak Republic, these institutions often specify the required scores for acceptance in the maturity exam.

What your child receives and their prospects in the next 5 years:

Extensive ice time ranging from 30 to 70 games per season, excluding tournaments.
High-quality training sessions with coaches of the "A+" category, the highest coaching category, with 2-3 coaches on the ice at all times.
Opportunity to train and prepare with the best coaches in Slovakia and former top players (Reinhard Kapuš, Rudo Čengel, Michal Dostál, Michal Majo, Roman Liška, Michal Rehus, etc.).
Learn conversational Slovak within 3-6 months.
Attain excellent conversational English within 6-11 months, as all subjects in school and gymnasium are taught in English.
Choose a second language to study before elementary school (German, French, Spanish).
After elementary school, study a third language of choice at the level of the second gymnasium class.
Balanced schedules for school and hockey, allowing knowledge acquisition in both areas.
Develop the ability to handle physical and cardio loads and learn proper application of sports nutrition.
Upon completing 8 years of elementary school and 5 years of high school, the student will receive a secondary education (state-certified "Maturita"), enabling them to enter any university worldwide without exams.
The student will be fluent in a minimum of 3 languages.
After 2 years of residence and playing hockey for Slovakia's interests, the student can obtain permanent residence in the European Union (Slovakia). If, before turning 18, the student-athlete has lived in Slovakia for 2 years, played in one club without changing their registration, and is a candidate for the Slovak national team U-16/U-18/U-20/SR, they can automatically begin the process of obtaining Slovak citizenship.
Enjoy clean mountain air and excellent quality food, as Slovakia is an agrarian-tourist country with a population known for being quiet, calm, and kind.

Hurry to apply for a trial now, as the number of spots is limited, and the season is already starting.


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