The hockey players will be introduced to and will experience both approved and effective training processes, and the latest Canadian methods and systems. Daily training process of junior students (grades 5-7) and senior students (grade 8 - cadets) will include 1 hour of general physical training, and 1 hour of ice training from Monday until Friday.

U-18 daily training process will include 2 hours of general physical training, and 2 hours of ice training in the morning and in the evening, from Monday until Friday. Home or away games of Slovak Open Championship will be organized on week-ends.
During the training sessions, special attention will be paid to developing:

• explosive strength, explosive speed, stamina, and dexterity;
• skating skills — correct skating style, balance, boost, starting speed, acceleration, transition turns, skating backwards, crossings;
• stick skills — stickhandling, passes, throws, correct throwing style — from still position, in movement, transition throws, wrist shots, snap shots, dropping shots.

Game schedule consists of 40-70 games, including leading European hockey tournaments

Training on the ice:

• individual skills
• skating — strength, balance, speed, dexterity
• puck-handling — dribbling, stickhandling, passes
• shots
• passes and high-speed play
• interference, interference shots, faceoffs
• game situations and drills: 1 – 1, 2 – 1, 2 – 2, 3 – 1, 3 – 2
• play systems
• break, regrouping
• transition to neural zone
• limited space play
• techniques of opponent apprehension without penalties


STRENGTH — the growth rate of muscular strength increases from 12-15 years during the period of sexual development of a hockey player. Intense strength development starts when the player turns 15-18!!!
STAMINA — the ability of a hockey player to carry out activity with moderate intensity for prolonged periods of time. The greatest development is observed when the player turns 15-17!!!
STARTING SPEED — the principle of movement in hockey is based on frequent acceleration and change in the direction of the movement.
SNIPER SHOT — not less than 500 shots must be carried out daily!!! Cans and bottles can be used as targets. You will see an effective result in 3 months!!!

According to Slovak specialists of the Academy this is exactly what
boys need during the period from 15 to 18 years old!!!
This is what the player should choose to develop in an increased pace, more than he does during training sessions!!!
Try and you will succeed.

Hockey Academy Europa Stars
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