Attention to all incoming players to the Hockey Academy in the 2024-2025 season!!!

Trials at the Hockey Academy strictly take place after April 30, 2024 (the end date of the hockey season) or during the seasonal camps—the Spring and Summer Selection Hockey Camps in the 2024-2025 season.

However, if, due to circumstances, you were unable to attend the preseason team training in your category from May to the end of June and did not participate in any preseason camps, the last option for a player to enter the Academy is an individual TRY OUT during the second part of the preseason training with their category in August.

It is also crucial to understand that when aiming to sign a contract with the Academy and the team, you must come with a complete set of documents that will allow legalizing your child in the European state in the shortest possible time. The list of documents for enrollment in the Academy is HERE.

In addition to on-ice skills and physical preparation that you will need to demonstrate, coaches assess communicative skills, attentiveness, openness, willingness to play as a team, and adherence to the coach's instructions, as well as logical thinking skills and stress resistance. All of this is evaluated over 7 days on the ice, in the gym, in the athletic hall, on the playing fields, and during the viewing and analysis of the game on video.


Children will have to pass a math test (test items will be in English) and English level test in the gymnasium. The number of test items completed in 2 tests should be not less than 70%.
Later, after the student completes grade 8 of the primary school, he has to pass the following examinations to make a transfer to a gymnasium class: mathematics, English and Slovak languages. After the student enters gymnasium grade 1, he will continue secondary-level education for 5 years. Then he will receive a certificate: “Vesvedcenie o maturitnej skuske”

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