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"TRY OUT - 2024" at the Hockey International Academy Europa Stars in Bratislava

Attention! There have been changes in the system of player views and employment in the Academy in Slovakia. Due to the fact that on June 16, 2019, in Bratislava (Slovakia), the Congress of the National Hockey Union was held, where the "New amendments to the sports rules dated 23.06.2017" were approved, including for foreigners (legionnaires). It was decided that from the 2019/2020/2021/22/23/24/25 season, all players (foreigners) will remain legionnaires (foreigners) until they acquire Slovak citizenship and must pay a fee to the FHS at the stage of signing the contract for the next 2 seasons. Field players - €3000. Goalkeepers - €6000. Also, a limit on legionnaires (foreigners) was set - 2 players in the team for the Children's Hockey League from 5th grade to Cadets U-16 and 1st Kaufland League Juniors U-18 and Youth U-20, and from the Extra League Juniors U-18 and Youth U-20 – 1 player.

Also, for the 2023/2024/25 season and beyond, the Congress of the National Hockey Union adopted new rules for Youth age categories and game model training:


New age categories and corresponding competitions according to the approved model:
hock8Juniors (up to 20 years old) - Junior Extra League, 1st Junior League
hock8Teens (up to 17 years old) - Extra League for Juniors, 1st League for Juniors
hock8Senior high school students (9th grade up to 15 years old; 8th grade up to 14 years old) - "AA" High School League
 - Senior League "A"
hock8Junior high school students (7th grade up to 13 years old; 6th grade up to 12 years old) - "AA" Junior High School League
 - Junior League "A"
hock8Preparation HP5 (5th grade up to 11 years old) - Preparation competitions 5th grade
hock8Preparation HP4 (4th grade up to 10 years old) - Preparation competitions 4th year

The main reasons for the changes are the synchronization of age categories with school years, which allows for easier planning of the training process and, not least, the creation of competitions with qualitatively similar teams, which should lead to an increase in the level of individual competitions and the development of players. This step also minimizes the so-called aging of players and thereby creates an environment that assumes the creation of teams within the corresponding categories, reflecting the actual age of players in these categories.


The International Hockey Academy "Europa Stars" announces "TRY OUT" from May 16, 2024, as part of the first part of the summer preseason training, which will last until June 28, 2024, for the following positions and categories for the 2024/2025 season in the Academy's Hockey teams:

hock8The second stage of the summer preseason training starts on July 29, 2024, for those admitted to the Academy and with the possibility of taking entrance tests and exams in the following categories and ages:
hock8 Category "U-17 Cadets" (2007, 2008) - forward or defenseman
hock8 Category "Senior students - AA 9th grade U-16" (2008, 2009) – defenseman, forward
hock8 Category "Senior students-A 8th grade (2009, 2010) - forward, defenseman
hock8 Category "Junior students-AA" 7th grade (2010, 2011) - forward, defenseman
hock8 Category "Junior students-A" 6th grade (2011, 2012) - forward, defenseman
The cost of "TRY OUT" in the International Hockey Academy is €2000 per person per week (7 days).
All inclusive: accommodation with a family, meals, laundry, training, transfer from Vienna airport.