Admission requirements

Important information for those applying to the Academy in the 2024-2025 season:

- In Slovakia, there is a limit on the number of foreign players allowed in a team.

According to the Sports Law SP SZĽH, clause 5.3.3. dated 23.06.2017, and new amendments to this law dated 30.04.2020, in the 2020/2021 season, a foreign player pays a fee for the right to participate in the OCHS (Ice Hockey Championships) - defenseman/forward 3000 euros/season, and goalie 6000 euros/season, and further restrictions apply to the participation of foreign hockey players (including goalies) in matches in Slovakia:

hock1Minor School League (11-12 years old) – 2 foreign hockey players per team,

hock1Senior School League (13-14 years old) – 2 foreign hockey players per team,

hock1Cadets (14-15 years old) – 2 foreign hockey players in one game in one team,

hock1Youth Extra League Juniors (16-17 years old) – 1 foreign hockey player per team, without a foreign goalie,

hock1First Youth League Juniors (16-17 years old) – 1 foreign hockey player per team, without a foreign goalie.

The Slovak Ice Hockey Federation (SZĽH) approved the interpretation of section 5.3.1 of the SZĽH Competition Rules on 05.09.2019: "A foreign hockey player is not considered a player with citizenship other than that of the Slovak Republic, who, in accordance with the SZĽH rules in effect until 01.08.2019, acquired the right based on an unlimited transfer from abroad and two consecutive seasons, even partially, in SZ SH competitions, but no later than the end of the 2018/2019 season. This does not apply to foreign players of the Seniors age group."

In the 2024/2025 season, the initial payment of 12000 Euros is made upon signing the Contract and includes:


Appointment of a guardian for the incoming student according to new rules (except for EU citizens),

hock3Preparation of all documents necessary for obtaining a National Visa D for the athlete within or outside the territory of the Slovak Republic (except for EU citizens),

hock3Preparation of all documents necessary for obtaining a temporary residence permit (Residence Permit) for the athlete within the territory of the Slovak Republic (except for EU citizens),

hock3Medical sports commission,

hock3Medical migration commission (except for EU citizens),

hock3Standard insurance policy valid in the territory of the Slovak Republic for one year,

hock3Education in a private elementary or high school, including payment for one academic year,

hock3Entrance fee to a Private elementary or high school (Gymnasium),

hock3Payment for textbooks for the season,

hock3Payment for school events,

hock3Payment for school meals,

hock3Team membership fees.

Year-round accommodation in a host family on full board in the 2024-2025 season costs an additional 23000 Euros and includes:


Accommodation in a hockey family on full board for 11 months,

hock7Monthly pass for public transportation,

hock7Weekend leisure activities,

hock7Transfers to and from the airport (on school holiday days).

On a voluntary basis and for an additional fee:

hock7Participation in commercial tournaments,

hock7Training on the skatemill,

hock7Individual training with a coach in the gym or on ice,

hock7Individual work with a coach at the shooting center.

What your child receives and their prospects for the next 5 years:

 hock8A significant amount of playing time on the ice, from 45 to 70 games per season with tournaments,

hock8High-quality training with coaches of category "A+" - the highest coaching category, with 2-3 coaches always on the ice,

hock8Opportunity to train and prepare with the best coaches in Slovakia and former TOP players (Reichard Kapush, Rudo Endek, Mikhail Dostal, Mikhail Macho, Roman Lishka, Mikhail Reus, and Martin Strbak, etc.),

hock8Within 3-6 months, the child will learn conversational Slovak,

hock8Excellent conversational English within 6-11 months, as all subjects in school and gymnasium are taught in English,

hock8Study of a second language of choice (German, French, Spanish) up to primary school,

hock8After primary school, starting from the 2nd grade of gymnasium, the child will study a third language of choice,

hock8Balanced schedule of school and hockey, allowing to gain knowledge in two areas,

hock8The child will learn how to properly receive physical and cardio loads and distribute them. They will also learn how to apply sports nutrition and control their regimen properly,

hock8Most importantly, upon completing 8 grades of primary school and 5 grades of high school, they will receive secondary education (State Maturity Certificate), which allows the student to enter any EU university without exams,

hock8The student will speak at least 3 languages fluently,

 hock8After 2 years of living and playing hockey in Slovakia, they will obtain permanent residency in the European Union (Slovakia), or they can apply for EU citizenship in the interests of the Slovak Republic if, by the age of 18, the athlete has lived in Slovakia for 2 years, played in one club without changing their registration place, and is a candidate for the Slovak National Team U-16/U-18/U-20/SR. In this case, they can automatically start the process of obtaining Slovak citizenship.

hock8Additionally, they will enjoy clean mountain air and excellent quality food, as Slovakia is an agrarian-tourist country, and the people here are very quiet, calm, and kind.