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Balanced nutrition is an integral part of quality preparation for a "sports career."

Almost all specialists in healthy eating claim that a person should consume food frequently in small portions. Based on these principles, our students' menu is designed to include five meals a day (breakfast at home, lunch at school, a snack to take along, dinner at home, and a snack during training hours with the team). Additionally, they can feel at home with their families, where they can be treated to home-cooked meals and offered an extra portion. If a child is going to a game, sandwiches, yogurt, and fruit will be prepared for them to take on the road.

Young athletes need more calories and nutrients than children not involved in sports. After all, any physical activity requires strength and energy, which are essential for a young body. Proper nutrition replenishes the loss of this energy and promotes the normal growth and development of a child.

Carbohydrates contain essential salts and sugars for a developing body. Simple carbohydrates (candies, cookies, and other sweets) consumed in large quantities can cause various illnesses. Therefore, it is wiser to consume complex carbohydrates, which are abundant in products such as bread, pasta, grains, and cereals. They are easily absorbed by the body and do not increase blood sugar levels thanks to sporting activities. Carbohydrates contain vital glucose and fructose for the child. Sports nutrition should necessarily include the intake of these nutrients. Glucose is found in vegetables and fruits. Grapes and cherries are the richest sources of glucose.

In addition to carbohydrates, for healthy growth and development of a child engaged in sports, an adequate amount of protein is necessary. This is because it is easier for a child to gain muscle mass through physical exercises with the help of animal proteins. Animal proteins are found in eggs, milk, fish, and meat. Nutrition instructors at the academy also offer individual programs for muscle mass gain for each player separately from the age of U-16/U-18. Coaches in each team also offer various types of amino acids and animal protein powder from the age of 14.


These supplements are taken by hockey players on the recommendation of their coaches!

ARTHROXON by SCITEC NUTRITION is a comprehensive supplement designed to support joint health. It features a 6-component matrix consisting of the most important components for joint health, whose actions are interrelated.

This is a powder for preparing a high-energy isotonic drink. This product has been specially formulated to meet the needs of athletes who engage in truly prolonged training sessions. Long Energy Endurance contains a blend of simple and complex carbohydrates, which are essential for the body during workouts.

CARNILOX is a hydrolyzed pure beef protein isolate. Beef is one of the most popular dishes among strength athletes. Thanks to its unique amino acid profile and high absorption rate, this type of protein is ideal for muscle tissue regeneration during intense physical activities.

The BCAA Scitec Nutrition Xpress is a supplement containing a complex of three essential amino acids: leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Athletes use it to promote the growth of lean muscle mass. It has a pleasant taste and, according to athletes, dissolves well in any liquid. BCAAs enhance endurance and help with faster recovery, making it possible to consume them even during muscle-building workouts.

Carni Complex is a special mix of L-carnitine and acetyl L-carnitine for fat burning. L-Carnitine is a safe and effective amino acid that plays an important role in fat burning and energy production in the human body. L-Carnitine is beneficial for fat loss, cardiovascular metabolism, and promoting function and renewal.

Unsaturated fatty acids, belonging to the Omega 3-6-9 class, are the most valuable. They reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, help combat depression, and address disorders in the musculoskeletal system, such as arthritis.

Calcium, magnesium, and zinc are the three main minerals in our body. Calcium is essential for strengthening bone tissue and teeth. Magnesium helps absorb calcium and prevents its "washing out" from bone tissue, reducing the risk of fractures. Additionally, magnesium is necessary for muscle contraction and nerve impulse transmission.

Recovery Max is a product that has been specially designed for complete and rapid recovery after intense physical exertion. Recovery Max provides optimal post-workout nutrition. The scientific formula of Amix Recovery Max includes specially selected ingredients that pave the way for absolute recovery and maximum anabolism.