Despite the fact that a significant part of the day for academy students is devoted to hockey training, education is no less important in the program. Each year, the number of students and pupils going to study in Slovakia (Bratislava) is increasing. Another advantage is the RECOGNITION OF DIPLOMAS FROM SLOVAK UNIVERSITIES WORLDWIDE.

Quality education, world-class diplomas, excellent command of foreign languages - brilliant prospects for a successful career.

Unlike several EU countries, Slovakia offers LOW LIVING COSTS for students, making it possible for children from average families to obtain education.

For individuals of any age, integration into Slovak society will be smooth. Language and people are the main conditions for a comfortable stay in the country. The mentality of Slovaks is close and understandable to residents of CIS countries, and our languages are very similar.

Slovakia is the country with the HIGHEST LEVEL OF SAFETY among EU countries.

Regarding the standard of living, according to the global WGEO statistics, Slovakia ranks 36th, followed by Poland - 37th place, Lithuania - 49th place. THE STANDARD OF LIVING IS GROWING RAPIDLY against the backdrop of market reforms over the past 15 years, demonstrating intensive GDP growth.

Currently, studying in Slovakia is the most attractive and promising direction among many other international educational programs, as in Slovakia, you can receive free higher education if you demonstrate good knowledge of Slovak and another foreign language.

Our partner in the field of education for our Academy is the private primary and secondary bilingual gymnasium Súkromná základná škola Česká 10.

The gymnasium opened its doors for the first time in 2005. School graduates speak at least 2 foreign languages, which enables them to enroll in the most prestigious universities in the world. To enroll, you need to pass tests in mathematics and English. Upon completion, the Maturita exam is taken.

The school provides children with hot meals.

Lessons last 45 minutes. After the 6th lesson, there is a long break of 30 minutes. On average, students have about 7 lessons each day.

Several times a year, Outdoor School is organized. Students go out into nature, to the mountains, and under the guidance of experienced instructors, they learn rafting, skiing, snowboarding, and survival skills in hiking conditions.

Such events help to bond the team, broaden horizons, improve children's health, and immerse them in language.

Also, throughout the year, tours for English language learning with native speakers are offered. Inexpensive trips for 7-10 days to London and Malta are available with the accompaniment of a school teacher.