Admission requirements



We understand that a player who is in a foreign country, away from their parents, and fully occupied with studies and training, should not feel disconnected from home.

Therefore, we offer accommodation with a host family in comfortable conditions necessary for the well-being of your young hockey player.

During your first visit to Bratislava, you will have the opportunity to meet the family that hosts athletes enrolled in the Academy. The optimal accommodation for effective interaction between the gymnasium and the club, as well as discipline control and self-preparation skills development, is placement with your agent's family or with families of children from your future team by agreement. For this purpose, we have families with spacious, bright two-level apartments near the Slovan hockey stadium, or the host family will provide transportation to and from school. Your agent will invite you to meet the family members, discuss living conditions, and meet the athletes living in his/her family. Hosted children reside in a separate room for 2 people with full comfort and amenities. The home atmosphere in a Russian-speaking or Slovak family, whose interests are directed towards the development and support of young athletes, will help adapt to the new environment.

Home-cooked meals, absence of household problems, and adult supervision will allow the athlete to flourish, while providing peace of mind to their parents regarding their child and their education. Living with a host family is an important aspect for a teenager who is far from home. In the challenging teenage years, control over daily routines, academic performance, nutrition, and hobbies is essential...

Your Agent is available 24/7 to keep you informed about academic progress, well-being, and mood of the child. All club or school-related matters will be under their control. Visits to the doctor will also be accompanied by an adult family member. The family fulfills its obligations to the child as imposed by the court for protection and care.