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Наша цель – Ваша успешная карьера!

ŠK SLOVAN Youth Academy

The Czech sports agency "Europa Stars Group" offers the ŠK Slovan Bratislava Academy, which is located in the pleasant environment of the Ružinov district of Bratislava, surrounded by plenty of greenery. For young footballers, the academy provides comprehensive conditions for development both psychologically and physically. There are numerous training grounds, a gym, rehabilitation zones, quality accommodation, and a dining facility available. This makes the ŠK Slovan Bratislava Academy the leading training and educational center in Slovakia, which can compete with truly developed football Europe.

The main principle of the Academy is the organic combination of sports, education, and independent preparation of young athletes. The main principle of the Academy is that all school-age players must adhere to the golden rule: 51% - school, 49% - sport! In case of conflicts or problems between these two areas, priority is given to school education!

The main goal of training and educating young players in our club is to prepare as many players as possible for the main Slovan team and the Slovak national team. Thanks to international competitions, the ŠK Slovan Academy gradually improves the playing skills of individual players and the entire team step by step. Coaches at Slovan Bratislava approach players sensitively and individually. The main emphasis is on upbringing and education of players. This makes the Academy special. We recognize the importance of quality football and general education, without which a young person cannot successfully integrate into the modern world. We also pay great attention to teaching foreign languages.

The main goals of the ŠK Slovan Bratislava Academy:

ball1Education of professional footballers


  • Support and development of young talents

ball1Talent scouting

ball1Education - both school and vocational, with an emphasis on foreign languages

ball1Personal development

ball1Theoretical and practical training and education in the field of football rules, medicine, sociology, sports psychology, sports training theory, and stress management

ball1Cultivation of well-rounded individuals

ball1Overall concept: personality - sport - school

ball1Respect and pride for the club, club colors, symbols

ball1Respect for the club's history, fans, former players, coaches, officials, as well as sponsors.


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