The maximum score for the IB diploma is 45 points, which means a maximum of 7 points for each of the 6 subjects plus 3 points for the extended essay and TOK.

Throughout the two-year course, students are assessed on a scale of 7 to 1, corresponding to the Slovak scale of 1 to 5, where 7 is the highest grade and 1 is the lowest.

For the remaining part of the core, namely the extended essay, TOK essay, and TOK presentation combined, the student receives from 0 to 3 points.

The final score is calculated as the sum of the final grades and core points, so the maximum (best possible) score is 45 points (6 x 7 + 3).

To be awarded the IB diploma, a student must earn at least 24 points and meet a number of other conditions.

After completing primary school and then gymnasium, a child has the opportunity for FREE EDUCATION AT EU STATE UNIVERSITIES.

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