Primary school with integrated English language instruction

Teaching subjects specified by the curriculum is conducted in English, which serves as a means, not an end.

The bilingual program pursues a dual objective: to provide education that integrates language and content, giving equal attention to "using a foreign language for teaching and learning to use a foreign language," as well as successful mastery of the standard in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic.

We offer:

hock8Language instruction on an intensive basis, without requiring excessive involvement in the schedule.

hock8High proficiency in the language.

In the educational process, we use the CLIL method - Content and Language Integrated Learning.

CLIL creates a balance between language and professional education. The non-language subject is developed through the foreign language, and the foreign language through the non-language subject. The aim of this teaching method is to improve the student's skills in the foreign language, considering the foreign language as a means of communication rather than a separate subject. When teaching using the CLIL method, we focus on specific activities rather than the language itself. This approach allows students to learn to think in the designated language rather than simply learning the language itself.

Advantages provided by CLIL:

hock8Overall improvement in students' communicative skills in the studied language.

hock8Deepened understanding of the native language, target language, and other languages.

hock8Increased motivation of students through real educational situations when learning the studied language.

hock8Increased fluency in expression and expansion of vocabulary.

hock8Active participation in classes.

hock8Positive attitude toward the foreign language.

hock8Development of one's own national and cultural awareness.

hock8Preparation for practical life and work in a multicultural society.

Teaching is conducted in English, with the exception of two subjects: Slovak language and literature, and Social Studies. Additionally, students study a second foreign language. They can choose from German, French, or Spanish.

The teaching methodology in the bilingual gymnasium includes a subject called English Lecture. Students communicate with native speakers on topics related to science, art, leisure, etc.

The core subjects from 1st to 8th grade are taught in a relatively gentle mode compared to the education system in Russia. These include:








hock8Computer Science

hock8Natural Science

Starting from the 1st Gymnasium grade, knowledge is provided in-depth in subjects necessary for admission to universities.

Foreign students are granted an adaptation period of 1 year. During this time, grades from the certificate for the previous year in the native language obtained in their home country can be counted toward their grade.

Starting from the academic year 2022-2023 and subsequent years, education will be carried out within the framework of the IB Diploma Programme.

Students eligible for this program include those enrolled in bilingual education who will be in their third year in the academic year 2022-2023.

At the end of the second year of study, in May 2024, final written exams will be held (May examination session 2024).

Students complete their studies within 3 weeks in six subjects, and the exam consists of three parts and is written.

The student's final grade is not assigned by their teacher alone; twenty external experts participate in the assessment. Students write tests and essays. The oral part is also objectified, and trial recordings are sent abroad. The so-called Moderators can influence the grade given by the teacher at our school, so the assessment is as objective as possible.

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