Students create their own learning program.

They choose one subject from six groups.

Then they complete their studies in six chosen subjects.

Three of these subjects are at a higher level (HL - high level), and the remaining three are at a standard level (SL - standard level).


Native Language (Language A)

hock8Foreign Language (Language B/Language Acquisition): English, German, Spanish, French, Russian

 hock8Humanities (Individuals and Societies): History, Economics, Geography, Environmental Systems and Societies.

 hock8Experimental Sciences (Sciences): Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science


Elective subjects: another subject from groups 2-5

*As an academically oriented school, we do not have equipment for the "Art" subject, but at the same time, we would like our students to study more foreign languages from the 2nd group of subjects

Each school offers subjects only according to its capabilities and is not obliged to offer the full range of possible subjects.

Each subject can be studied at the HL (high level), i.e., at a higher level, or SL (standard level), i.e., at a lower level.

Then HL corresponds to 5 hours per week, and SL - 3-4 hours per week.