Candidate/Student Profile IB DP

This type of education is recommended for students who truly enjoy learning.

Since there are fewer subjects (6), they can specialize more.

They should have a genuine interest in these subjects.

This program is definitely more demanding, even though there are fewer subjects, the content is explored more deeply.

Here, the student must decide for themselves that they want to switch to a more challenging program.

Such students should also be truly ambitious, independent, disciplined, able to organize their time optimally.

They will have more space to express their own opinions, a more individual approach, and the promotion of reasonable initiatives.

At the same time, they should have a tendency to study abroad, as they will be studying in English.

At the end of the academic year, before starting the IBDP, we plan to conduct preliminary testing, which will provide parents and students with clearer feedback on their readiness level for this form of education.