Important to remember for a hockey player!!!

STRENGTH - the pace of muscle strength growth increases from 12-15 years during the hockey player's period of sexual maturity. Intensive strength development begins at 15-18 years old!!!

ENDURANCE - the ability of a hockey player to sustain moderate-intensity work for a prolonged period. The greatest improvement is observed at 15-17 years old!!!

STARTING SPEED - the principle of movement in hockey involves frequent accelerations and changes in direction.

SNIPER SHOT - 300 shots daily and no less!!! You can use cans and bottles as targets. After 3 months, you will see real results!!!

According to Slovak specialists from the Academy, this is exactly what a guy needs during the period from 15-18 years old!!!

Off-ice physical preparation:

Coordination, strength, speed, endurance, plyometrics, agility development Gymnastic exercises and acrobatics, stretching Body recovery - jacuzzi, swimming pool, massage Wrestling or boxing once a week from 15 years old

Each academy team has its own methods and developments in the training process.

The training and match schedule will be provided by the teams that select the athlete during the Try Out.

Here is a sample of the weekly schedule for the senior classes of team A.

Additional fitness classes for senior classes are an integral part of the preparation in the Academy.

Membership in Fit STaRZ allows you to independently plan your schedule and visit the gym, optionally using the services of a professional instructor.

Twice a week, additional strength and static training is conducted with Academy players in a specially equipped fitness room.

The training is conducted by the best fitness coach in Slovakia, Mgr. Lukáš Peczena