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Seasonal camps at the Academy

Attention all prospective players of the Hockey Academy for the 2024-2025 season!

Viewing at the Hockey Academy strictly takes place after April 30, 2024 (the end date of the hockey season), or during the seasonal camps - Spring and Summer Qualifying Hockey Camps in the 2024-2025 season.

However, if due to circumstances you were unable to attend the preseason team training in your category from May to the end of June and did not attend any preseason camps, then the last option for a player to get into the Academy is an individual TRY OUT during the second part of the preseason training with their Category team in August.

It is also very important to understand that when aiming to sign a Contract with the Academy and the team, you must arrive with a ready package of documents that will allow legalizing your child in the shortest possible time in the territory of the European state.

In addition to skill on the ice and physical preparation to be demonstrated, coaches evaluate communication skills, attentiveness, openness, readiness for team play and adherence to coach's instructions, logical thinking skills, and stress resistance. All of this is assessed over 7 days on the ice, in the gym, in the weight room, on the playing fields, during viewing and analysis of game footage.


Attention!!! Attention !!! Attention!!!

All entrance state exams at the Hockey Academy (private bilingual gymnasium) for those entering the Cadet or Junior category, which corresponds to the level of the 1st gymnasium class of secondary school (10th grade), must be taken strictly in April 2024 !!!

All other applicants entering the initial private bilingual school take transfer verification tests - this is 8th grade, 7th grade, 6th grade.

In the gymnasium, children will have to take a math test, where tasks are offered in English, and a test on English proficiency.

The number of completed tasks in the 2 tests should be no less than 70%.

Some similar control tasks for foreign applicants can be downloaded here

Mathematics tests for admission to the Academy
Tests for admission to the Academy
Questions and topics for tests for applicants to the Academy
English language proficiency tests for 7th grade (Gymnasium)

Upon completing the 8th grade of primary school, the student takes a transition exam for gymnasium classes: mathematics, English language, and Slovak language. Upon admission to the 1st gymnasium class, the student will continue to receive secondary education for a period of 5 years, after which they will receive a "Vesvedcenie o maturitnej skuske" diploma.